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Welcome to Parskey Consulting, an independent consulting firm with a mission to improve the performance of Human Resource and Training & Development functions.

Parskey Consulting enables its clients to improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness and value by aligning to business requirements, implementing measurement strategies, processes and systems and creating a culture of continuous improvement based on data driven decisions.

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Peggy Parskey has become a regular columnist for the American Society for Training and Development, Los Angeles' publication, InterChange. Click here to download her first "Measures for Change" column entitled, "How to Aim for the Obvious and Find Unexpected Benefits."

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To contact us:
Phone: (323) 931-6589
Fax: (323) 933-2961
E-mail: info@parskeyconsulting.com

“Peggy has always been one of our top "best practitioners" at the Best Practice Institute in learning, development, and organizational change. A woman defined by passion, clear vision, extraordinary leadership with a clear results-orientation, she is one of the best in
her field. Peggy is among the very few who has proven her excellence with proven practices. A TOP BRASS LEADER!”

    -- Lou Carter: President, Best Practices Institute

“I worked as a consultant to Peggy's group at HP for several years. Peggy has a true ability to understand learning evaluation strategy, knowledge management, performance lifecycle development and effectiveness, and Human Performance Technology and to turn the concepts into actionable, impactful systems and learning programs.
    -- Deborah Henken, Director of Advertising, Hewlett-Packard Company